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Our Software development division has a solid customer base that includes international retail companies as well as Non-Government Organizations. Additionally, several of these clients entrust us the hosting of their database backups in the Commondo® cloud.



Commondo’s main focus in this regard lies in Web oriented products in the field of Multichannel Marketing Solutions. Furthermore, we are introducing new products for industrial digitalization onto the market (predictive maintenance, industrial Internet of things, big data solutions, industrial augmented reality products etc.)

Our solution is based on both owned developed products (PHP, Java script, MySQL, MS-SQL, etc.) but also standard solutions: SAP c4C, Hybris Marketing, CiviCRM, Suite CRM and other.



Advanced segmentation

Advanced custom segmentation based on any-and-all criteria.

• Filter by any data field (simple or complex)

• Combine criteria endlessly


Intersystem Communication

Bi-directional data flow in multiple channels (membership, sales, central database, APIs), using multiple formats (XML, JSON, CSV, YAML, custom), multiple protocols (HTTPS, sFTP) implementing advanced backlog processing and fail safe mechanisms.

• Import your data from anywhere, over anything

• Export your data to anywhere, over anything


Campaign management

Plan, monitor and control campaign activities.

• Set your campaigns with actions using timeplans

• Control campaings manually


Fundraising activities

Perform automatic financial activities with follow-up actions.

• generate and/or process financial (SEPA) files

• parse and process financial files

Additional points:


Complex solution architecture

Combine multiple data sources, access points and spread business logic into meaningful system.

• combine all your systems (internal and external) into one

• make one-stop overview and dashboard


Big picture oriented

Solving current problems and having in mind those that may appear in the future.

• predict future behavior based on available data

• proactively create solutions for "problems around the corner"


Learning algorythms

Control and teach how the algorythms learn to process repeater data.

• automatic creation of "if-this-then-that" rules

• fine tune automatically created rules


Data extraction

Configurable automatic data extraction and processing.

• configure how data is searched

• connect search results with specific system actions


ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certificates

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certificates

ISO 9001 is a quality management certificate that guarantees that our products and services meet consistent quality standards.

ISO 27001 is a information security management certificate that guarantees our customers data will be handled by highest security standards.

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